Dorkspawn Cosplay

Berlin/Dorkspawn Cosplay began cosplaying in 2004 and has won several Best in Show and Best Craftsmanship awards in both the Mid-Atlantic region and the greater Chicago area. They strive to learn new skills with every project and always improve with each project. Their main goal is to show the cosplay community that plus sized cosplayers also deserve to have recognition for their craft.

Originally hailing from Chicago, they found a community within the Virgina and Mid-Atlantic cosplayers and with the support of their community began cosplaying and competing again after feeling isolated in Chicago. In their day to day life, Berlin is a licensed hair professional, which gives them additional skills in hair, wig, and makeup applications. Other skills include armor and props making in a variety of mediums, hand embroidery, LED programming and electronics, leathercraft, over 20 years experience in sewing, and much more.