A Joint Effort

Building a framework and architecture for a site that joins cosplayers, photographers, conventions, and a social network all into one roof is a challenge. We’ve got some crazy talented developers, amazing social management, and a chief of staff that acts as our program manager. Learn more about our team below!

Riot Squad

Owner and Founder

Jess is the owner and founder of Coshalla. She’s an avid armorsmith, facebook gaming partner and plays for the Lady Eagles in the USAFL. You can find them at most major east coast conventions.

Chief of Staff

Kiri, the glue that keeps the team together and on track, is the Chief of Staff at Coshalla. Known as Mesu Okami Cos, Kiri is a PA based cosplayer best known from their Kirishima projects.

Web Dev Guru, Waffle Lover

John, known as MrStealYaWaffles, is the lead dev for Coshalla. He's a rising star in cyber and has a sharp mind for pen testing. He likes dogs, grilled food, and great bourbon

Media and Content Lead
Hi! My name is Ellen and I’m punkfromfortuna Cosplay. And I’m a part time cosplayer. I am located in Maryland. Fun fact: I try to stick floral into every costume I make.